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We are looking for parents of children aged 8-17 to answer some questions about social media and healthy living topics. Fill out our contact form to reserve your spot!

About the Interview:

Fill out our contact form below, and you will be contacted by our health promotion expert to arrange a time to complete the interview.

The interview will take 15-20 minutes of your time, and you will be asked questions like:

  • “Where do you look for health information online?”
  • “What is your biggest parenting challenge?”
  • “Do you cook with your kids? Why or why not?”

Gift Card:

Once you complete our contact form you will receive an email invitation to participate in a telephone interview.

Following interview completion, you will be sent a $20.00 gift card for or Starbucks*.

*Only the first 10 people to complete the phone interview will qualify for the gift card.

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Your email will not be used for any promotional purposes and will be kept confidential. You will only be contacted by our team to complete the phone interview.