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What is Meant2Prevent Kitchen

Meant2Prevent Kitchen is a teen focused cooking and healthy eating blog where you can find healthy (and tasty!) recipes, nutrition tips, how-to articles, and fun quizzes! While it has a teen focus, this resource is truly great for the whole family!

Recipes: On the website, you can find meal and snack inspiration with a number of different dietary considerations including vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, and dairy free options.

Blog Posts: M2P: Kitchen also features interactive blog posts where you can do quizzes, find nutrition tips, and learn more about healthy eating.

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Developing the Recipes

The recipes on this site were provided by the 4 hospitals involved, tested, edited, photographed, and analyzed nutritionally before being added to the site. New recipes will be added regularly.

You can search for recipes based on different dietary restrictions, as well as meal types, that the whole family will love!

Nutrition Articles

Nutrition articles go over basic nutrition concepts. The website also includes basic how-tos, step-by-steps, as well as fun quizzes including “What Vegetable Are You?”.

Meet Our Team

The Kitchen was created in collaboration with Registered Dietitians (RDs) from SickKids, Janeway, CHU St Justine, and IWK.

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Amandine Moukarzel

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