Trick-or-Treat Alternatives & Printable Scavenger Hunt

While Halloween may be a bit different this year for some of us, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have a great time dressing up in costume with our kids! Try out some of these ideas brought to you by Meant2Prevent, and visit the link at the bottom to download our SPOOKY Halloween Scavenger hunt!

1. At Home Trick-or-Treating

Treat Halloween like an Easter egg hunt and hide candy around your house! Have your kids dress up in their costumes, put on some spooky music, and let them get to work tracking down all of their Halloween goodies. You can even make clues to find harder-to-find treats.

This is a great way to keep your kids entertained all evening with a fun activity, and they still get the thrill of a candy haul!

The bonus is since you are in charge of the types of candy you can pick ones that your kids (and YOU!) will actually eat, and leave out the less-desirable ones!

2. Haunted House Party

Bring Halloween indoors this year and turn your home or living room into a haunted house! Your kids will have fun decorating with fake cobwebs, spiders, and pumpkins!

Swap some spooky stories, put on a Halloween movie, and settle in for an evening of fun! See number 3 on our list for some spooky snack ideas to make your evening complete.

3. Spooky Snacks

spooky halloween healthy treats on white background

What’s cooking in your cauldron? Halloween is a great time for a family party! Whip up some ghoulishly delicious themed treats with your kids. This activity is so much fun to do as a family and helps teach your children food skills (BONUS: you can make healthier treats!).

Try our Halloween themed treats from the Meant2Prevent Kitchen including:

– Apple Monsters
– Witches Fingers Cookies
– Spiders Web Donuts
– Pumpkin Spew Guacamole

4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Just because trick-or-treating might be off our list this year, it doesn’t mean we still can’t dress up and go on a haunted walk with our kids! Print out a scavenger card from the link below and see if your family can find all the SPOOKY items on the list as you walk around your neighbourhood!

This is a great activity that gets everyone out of the house and active, but it’s also a fun way to see the Halloween decorations around your area. Bring some snacks and a warm drink and have a great evening wandering around while on the hunt!

You can also have a competition and involve other families in your area to see who can complete the scavenger hunt first!