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Keeping Your Family Healthy & Happy During COVID-19

Springtime Bingo card

Spring Bingo- How many can you complete?

Read below for details on each BINGO square! 1. Play catch Throw around a ball outside with your friends or family. Not only is this a fun group activity, but tossing a ball back and forth helps build hand-eye coordination, visual motor skills, focus, timing, balance, and body awareness! Variations: Count how many throws you…


Printable Cooking Scavenger Hunt

Read below for details on each Scavenger Hunt item! 1. Cook something with a green vegetable What’s your favourite green vegetable? Choose one or two vegetables from the list and add them to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Green Veggies to Try: Broccoli Spinach Swiss Chard Zucchini Asparagus Brussel Sprouts Green Peppers Jalapenos Green Peas…

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4 easy indoor winter activities for kids

As winter settles around us, it’s important to make a special effort to stay active outdoors, even in chilly weather. At the same time, we know there will be occasions when the weather is simply too extreme to be outside. The indoor winter activities below provide easy solutions for kids to stay active and have fun…

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Teens & screens: The 4 M’s of screen use and what you need to know

“If parents & guardians use their screens a lot, it’s likely their kids do, too.” Teens and screens: these days, it’s almost impossible to see one without the other. From e-learning to social media to gaming, many young Canadians are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. View Resource

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Meant2Prevent: Kitchen

Visit our affiliated website Meant2Prevent: Kitchen to access healthy recipes and tips for kids and teens!   This website is an initiative by Meant2Prevent to bring healthy recipes to families to encourage them to get their children involved in cooking. Recipes are kid-approved, and are great for all remembers of the family to enjoy!  …


Teen2Chef Food Skills Program

Teen2Chef is a 10-week food literacy program for adolescents. This program was created in conjunction with Registered Dietitians from children’s hospitals across Canada as part of the Meant2Prevent initiative for type 2 diabetes prevention. This program was developed to be run by Registered Dietitians to improve the food literacy of their adolescent populations to improve…

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5As Of Pediatric Obesity Management Toolkit and Videos

Obesity Canada’s 5A’s of Obesity Management program was designed as a step-by-step framework for busy non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients.   The 5A’s of Pediatric Obesity Management professional toolkit includes a practitioner’s checklist, patient tear-off pad, a desktop tool to facilitate discussions on weight with patients, and a practitioner’s guide to incorporating the…