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Keeping Your Family Healthy & Happy During COVID-19


Downloadable SMART Goal Planning Worksheet

Setting SMART goals is a great way to challenge yourself and your family to effectively make healthy lifestyle changes. This article shares how to make your goals SMART to help set you and your family up for success! Download our worksheet below to make your goals SMART-er! Setting a Goal Our Favourite Tip for Family…

winter activity bingo

Winter Activity Bingo

Read below for details on each BINGO square! 1. Bundle up! Go for a walk with your family Even if the weather outside is frightful, it can still be fun to take a quick walk around your neighbourhood or a local park! Bundle up, grab a hot drink, and enjoy the fresh air together as…

How to encourage good sleep habits during COVID

How to encourage good sleep habits for your children during the COVID-19 crisis

Sleep and a sleep routine are your allies! Check out this article from Sleep On It! with tips and a video for managing sleep during COVID. Article Excerpt: The Covid-19 crisis can cause stress, worries, fear and even anxiety. Children aren’t sheltered from these problems and therefore changes in their routines can disturb their sleep.…

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Outsmarting the Smart Screens: A Parents Guide

Read this article from Harvard School of Public Health on Outsmarting the Smart Screens: A Parent’s Guide to the Tools that are Here to Help Do you feel like it’s hard to limit the amount of time your children spend in front of the television, computers, video games, smartphones, and tablets? Technology can be educational…

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Meant2Prevent: Kitchen

Visit our affiliated website Meant2Prevent: Kitchen to access healthy recipes and tips for kids and teens!   This website is an initiative by Meant2Prevent to bring healthy recipes to families to encourage them to get their children involved in cooking. Recipes are kid-approved, and are great for all remembers of the family to enjoy!  …


Teen2Chef Food Skills Program

Teen2Chef is a 10-week food literacy program for adolescents. This program was created in conjunction with Registered Dietitians from children’s hospitals across Canada as part of the Meant2Prevent initiative for type 2 diabetes prevention. This program was developed to be run by Registered Dietitians to improve the food literacy of their adolescent populations to improve…

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5As Of Pediatric Obesity Management Toolkit and Videos

Obesity Canada’s 5A’s of Obesity Management program was designed as a step-by-step framework for busy non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients.   The 5A’s of Pediatric Obesity Management professional toolkit includes a practitioner’s checklist, patient tear-off pad, a desktop tool to facilitate discussions on weight with patients, and a practitioner’s guide to incorporating the…