Graphic of reindeer and christmas tree with ornaments.

7 Holiday Wellness Tips For Your Family

Children’s Mental Health Ontario shares wellness tips on how to get through the holidays with less stress!

Article Excerpt:

The holidays can be stressful for all families, but are an especially trying time for children who have previously, or who are currently, struggling with behaviour or mental health issues. This time of year can bring up negative feelings for kids who have suffered a traumatic event, or can be a renewal of grief for those who have lost loved ones. People and parties and changes in routine can cause an increase in anxiety for some kids and reduced sunlight and time outside can also trigger bouts of depression or seasonal affective disorder. All of this would be stressful enough, without the added expectation that this should be “the happiest time of the year.” This is why CMHO has gathered the following tips to help everyone enjoy their holidays just a little bit more

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