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Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

Bullying is not a normal part of growing up.

Bullying affects the majority of Canadian children, at least once, throughout their childhood. For some kids, bullying is a daily reality. Bullying is about power and the abuse of power – and abuse is not a normal part of childhood. The effects of bullying are immediate and long-lasting, putting our children at risk for a number of physical, social and mental health problems. As parents, these risks should not be acceptable. Adult intervention stops bullying – it is our responsibility.

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About PREVnet:

PREVNet is building a diversity of partnerships that bring expert researchers and national organizations together to address issues related to bullying, including education, assessment, intervention and government policy. At present, PREVNet is comprised of 130 expert researchers from 30 Canadian universities and 62 national organizations that reach children and youth from early childhood into adulthood.