Clinical Practice Update: Pediatric Dyslipidemia

This Clinical Practice Update from the Canadian Cardiovascular Society provides an approach to the detection, evaluation, and management of pediatric dyslipidemia. It represents the consensus of a multidisciplinary panel comprised of experts on the topic who have formulated disease-specific recommendations. These recommendations are aimed to provide a reasonable and practical approach to care for specialists and allied health professionals:


The Detection, Evaluation, and Management of Dyslipidemia in Children and Adolescents: A Canadian Cardiovascular Society/Canadian Pediatric Cardiology Association Clinical Practice Update


Article Excerpt:

“Atherosclerosis, the pathobiological basis of cardiovascular (CV) disease (CVD), begins in youth and is directly linked with the presence and severity of CV risk factors, such as dyslipidemia (1, 2). Timely identification and management of dyslipidemia in childhood is imperative, particularly for at-risk populations, including in those with severe and lifelong dyslipidemias due to inherited lipid disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).”

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