child and mom with computer

Helping your child engage: tips to help your family unplug

New guidelines on screen time for young children and tips to help your family unplug.

This article from Fraser Health reviews the new guidelines for screen time released by The Canadian Paediatric Society, and provides tips to help your family unplug.


Article Excerpt: 

We’ve all been there: the pots are overflowing on the stove, the preheated pan is now smoking, the dog is howling to be let out, your toddler is crushing goldfish crackers into the carpet while the baby tries to eat a cushion. And we’ve all done the same thing at some point: turned on Netflix to babysit while we get dinner prepared. To help ease the guilt, we tell ourselves, “I grew up watching television and I turned out fine.” But the truth is, reality has changed. Electronic devices, smartphones and tablets, are everywhere – even more so in the last five years – and it has experts concerned with the impact it may have on infant and toddler speech and language development.

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