2 kids sitting together on bench

I Know Someone Who Is Being Bullied, How Can I Help?

Stand up to bullying!

Teens who bully use their power to hurt and intimidate others. When someone has the courage to intervene, there is a good chance the bullying will stop. It only takes one person to take a stand before others will follow their lead. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable approaching a teen who is being aggressive, there are other ways to make your voice heard. Talk to an adult you trust. Befriend the person who is being bullied by leading him or her away from the situation. Or, take a stand like the teen in this video.

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About PREVnet:

PREVNet is building a diversity of partnerships that bring expert researchers and national organizations together to address issues related to bullying, including education, assessment, intervention and government policy. At present, PREVNet is comprised of 130 expert researchers from 30 Canadian universities and 62 national organizations that reach children and youth from early childhood into adulthood.