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Advice on healthy living for kids and parents can be confusing, and at times overwhelming. Live 5-2-1-0 simplifies this information into a comprehensive, evidence-based message for school-aged children (aged 5-12 years) that’s easy to learn, highlighting four key daily behaviours:

  • eat at least 5 vegetables and fruits
  • have no more than 2 hours of screen time
  • have at least 1 hour of active play
  • zero sugary drinks

Visit the website for downloadable resources on a variety of topics for both healthcare professionals and families.

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You can also download the App for iPhone or iPad!

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Examples of Resources:

  • Family Physician Toolkit: Healthy Habits Questionnaire (age 2-9 or 10+)
  • Sleep Resource
  • Sugary Drinks Fact Sheet
  • Screen Time Fact Sheet
  • Outdoor Games Booklet
  • Around the World Outdoor Games Booklet
  • Weekly Tracker Sheet