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The Internet is part of our everyday lives, whether we use it to find information, communicate, entertain ourselves, or work… and that’s a good thing! The advantages of being connected are undeniable, but with applications and screens multiplying and cell phones ensuring we’re constantly connected, the risk of being too connected increases, which can lead to certain problems.



PAUSE is an awareness campaign promoting a balanced use of the Internet and preventing the risks associated with hyperconnectivity.

Specifically, PAUSE encourages teens, young adults and their families to stop and think about their digital habits and take action to improve them. PAUSE gives us tools so we can benefit from the advantages the Internet has to offer, without its harmful effects. It’s also an invitation to enjoy the benefits of offline moments on “airplane mode.”

Finally, PAUSE aims to become a movement that encourages Quebecers to regain control of their screen use and prioritise connections that really matter, both online and offline.

The name PAUSE highlights the importance of regularly unplugging. Pauseyourscreen.com serves as a reminder to develop the impulse needed to help us accomplish this.


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