simple healthy menu meal plan

A Simple Healthy Menu – Family of 4

$75 Weekly Meal Plan- Made with Mostly Non-Perishable Ingredients

This meal plan is portioned out for a family size of 4 people. You can change portions in each recipe based on the number of family members in your home. The purpose of this menu is to provide healthy, homemade recipes that reduce the frequency of grocery store trips and support a budget-friendly grocery list.

This weekly guide suggests
1) which day of the week you should get groceries
2) which days of the week you should cook/bake your recipes. Each recipe is batched for 3-4 meals or snacks.

This helps to reduce how often you are baking/cooking. Feel free to add/remove/substitute ingredients recipes that suit your preferences. If the selected days of the week to get groceries and cook/bake do not work for you, please change the dates that fit better with your schedule.

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Created by Registered Dietitans at CHAK (Center For Healthy Active Kids)