Have You Heard About Meant2Prevent’s Kitchen?

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Learn More About Meant2Prevent’s Kitchen Project!

Learning healthy eating habits and food preparation skills early in life helps kids to grow up healthier, and decreases their risk of developing chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Meant2Prevent Kitchen is one of the projects from the Meant2Prevent initiative. It is a family-focused cooking and healthy eating website where you can find healthy (and tasty!) recipes, nutrition tips, how-to articles, and fun quizzes.

The goal of the Kitchen is to inspire families to cook together, and have fun with food, all while learning important food skills to improve longterm health and prevent type 2 diabetes!

Project Members

The Kitchen project involves Registered Dietitians from 4 Children’s Hospital sites across Canada.


The hospitals involved are Janeway in Newfoundland, IWK in Nova Scotia, CHU-Sainte Justine in Quebec, and SickKids in Ontario.

Healthy Recipes

All recipes on the Meant2Prevent Kitchen site were developed, tested, food-styled, photographed, and nutritionally analyzed by our dietitians. The recipes that were chosen for the website are fairly simple to make, but don’t skimp on flavour and nutrition!

There are recipes for all different age-ranges and abilities. Unsure what types of recipes are suitable for your child? Check out this article on Getting Kids Cooking.


Dietary Considerations:

Families can find recipes for different seasons and holidays, as well as for specific dietary considerations such as dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Each recipe will list the dietary considerations at the top so families can find recipes that fit their own dietary guidelines. You can also search by dietary consideration from the recipe menu.


Nutrition Analysis:

Information is provided for each recipe on the breakdown of nutrients. Nutritional analysis of all recipes is completed using ESHA Food Processor, using the Canadian Nutrient File database.

Nutrition Articles

The Kitchen website includes more than just recipes! You can find healthy eating tips and articles developed by our team that provide families with evidence-based nutrition information, in a fun and interactive format.

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Find fun interactive quizzes to test your nutrition knowledge (Do You Think You Can Pass this Nutrition Quiz?), or find out What Vegetable Are You?


The Kitchen also has great printable handouts and how-tos including:

  • How To: Build a Better Smoothie
  • How To: Build a Better School Lunch
  • How To: Make DIY Salad Dressing