What is Teen2Chef?

Introducing Teen2Chef

Teen2Chef is a 10-week food skills program designed for Registered Dietitians to run with teen populations (ages 12-17). Dietitians can download the program for free from our resource page for healthcare professionals.

The program is available in French and English, and includes all the information you would need to run a successful program, including a facilitator guide, activity sheets, recipes, and more!

Project Members

The Teen2Chef program was developed by Registered Dietitians at 4 of the Meant2Prevent hospital sites across Canada.


Development of Teen2Chef

The creation of the program went through a number of cycles to come up with a list of topics. Feedback was provided by Dietitians, as well as through focus groups with Teens to determine what information they were most interested in.

The Details

While Teen2Chef was developed as a 10-week program, it includes suggested modifications for a 4 or 6-week course.

Each week is broken down into 3 components:

  • Nutrition education
  • Nutrition based activity
  • Food skills development and cooking
image of all material for teen2chef program

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